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Apps and Management Software Resources

Rising costs combined with changes to compliance requirements for recording and reporting piece work are some of the drivers for progressive growers' current focus on technology and systems.
There are several products in the market that may assist with monitoring tasks, tracking inputs, and reporting on critical outputs such as yields, quality, and labour productivity.

Many service providers claim improvements in the management of information, reduced administration burden, improved traceability of crop inputs and streamlining of labour management. Fruit Growers Tasmania is working with APAL and other industry bodies to investigate various management software systems and Apps. A full report will be published in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, FGT has compiled a list of some of the options currently available.


Apps and Management Software Providers 

This list is in alphabetical order. It is not exhaustive, nor is it an endorsement of products or businesses listed. Growers must do their own thorough research before implementing systems.

ABC Grower — Aims to deliver orchard and packhouse software solutions that help growers achieve outstanding business results.

Agpick — Agpick is an RFID hand-harvesting system that increases efficiency, provides transparency and keeps pickers happy – all while providing data collection and analytics.

Agribit Software — Agribit Software provides a comprehensive system capable of efficiently managing your farm payroll.

Apunga — Apunga is a full-lifecycle horticultural farm management system developed with Australian horticultural farmers. 

Crop Tracker — Croptracker is a farm management software system for growers of fruit and vegetables.

FarmSoft — FarmSoft provides business management apps for fresh produce & food companies.

Field Clock — Provides a suite of products to offer all you need for payroll, simple data collection & management.

GrowData — GrowData Developments is a privately owned Australian horticulture management software specialist with a linked app.

Hectre — Hectre created easy to use orchard technology software that delivers value to growers and packers.

Livefarmer — LiveFarmer is a complete farm management and quality assurance application built specifically for farmers.

Mtrack AG — MTrack provides agricultural business management solutions to help growers minimize admin.

Muddy Boots — Muddy Boots provides supply chain and farm management software that enables global collaboration.

Radfords — Produce management software to give you complete control and visibility, from soil to supermarket.

Taglog —Taglog is comprised of an integrated platform using scanning devices for data logging, realtime RFID and GPS labour management.

Tātou — Redefining workforce management for all sectors of horticulture with intuitive software that provides real time data and boosts productivity, efficiency and compliance. Timesheets, piece rates and budgeting made easier.

Tie Up Farming —TieUp Farming offers the only cloud-based end-to-end operations platform for the horticulture industry.

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