Labour Management

The Tasmanian fruit production industry relies on a core group of skilled workers and additional seasonal workers for seasonal tasks such as harvesting, sorting, packing and pruning.

Throughout the year, the number of roles required to be filled fluctuates with the demand of the season, peaking at almost 8000 positions in January compared to around 300 roles during the winter months.

Our work in this area aims to assist Tasmanian fruit growers to build resilience, increase the available workforce, and monitor industry recovery.

This involves:

  • increasing community awareness of the opportunities available across Tasmania’s fruit sectors
  • working with businesses to understand and adjust to regulation changes
  • working with industry stakeholders and government to support the safe movement of workers to Tasmania to fulfil workforce gaps
  • attracting, recruiting, and retaining new workers to the industry
  • helping businesses to understand and support increased productivity of workers
  • monitoring the changing nature of the seasonal labour situation, and providing insights and trends to growers