bug 2022

Pest Management & Prevention

Fruit Growers Tasmania is working with government and industry stakeholders to strengthen the biosecurity of Tasmania's fruit industry and berry industries. The project will feature development of biosecurity information resources, engagement activities, and training workshops.

Information resources

Biosecurity materials developed in this project include:

  • pest information kits for pomefruit, stonefruit and berries
  • in-field pest ID kits for crop monitors and harvest team supervisors
  • pest ID posters for packing sheds and tea rooms
  • an incursion-response manual to help growers response to any future biosecurity incursions
  • fruit industry on-farm biosecurity implementation guide

Training workshops

Fruit Growers Tasmania staff will be coordinating practical training workshops tailored to the specific biosecurity needs of Tasmania's pomefruit, stonefruit and berry growers. These workshops will feature national and international experts with hands-on experience managing these pests.