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Berry industry development

Supporting our delivery of the national MT18020 Berries Australia project, a full-time berry Industry Development Officer position has been funded for the first time. Mark Salter can be contacted at  or call 0400 100 593.

The aim of this project is to communicate best practice to all berry growers and improve their knowledge and skills to enable them to adopt R&D outcomes.

This is facilitated through:

  • workshops and field days; and
  • regular communication of issues and items important for berry growers to help grow their business.

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  • Coir substrate recycling

    Coir substrate recycling

    This project will develop commercial recycled coir substrate blends and sterilisation processes useable by Tasmanian businesses.

  • Blueberry Industry Support Program

    Blueberry Industry Support Program

    Applications are now closed for Tasmanian Blueberry Industry Support Program.

  • Rubus Staphyt Trials

    Rubus Staphyt Trials

    Staphyt are reaching out to rubus growers across the state to be involved with formal trials of new agrichemical products, and are offering a range of compensations for participants.

  • Flower Mapping

    Flower Mapping

    Flower mapping is used to describe the development of the flower. Flower mapping is most commonly used in strawberries but has been known to be used for rubus, orchids, cereals and other flowering crops.