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What we do

FGT is running several projects aimed at strengthening and developing Tasmania's fruit industry and export capability.

Check out our 2022/23 Year in Review for an overview of the work we do and the projects we are managing. 

  • Tasmanian Horticulture Trade Hub

    Tasmanian Horticulture Trade Hub

    Fruit Growers Tasmania are working with government and industry stakeholders to promote development of Tasmania's horticultural exports and domestic trade.

  • Fruit Industry Biosecurity

    Fruit Industry Biosecurity

    Fruit Growers Tasmania is working with government and industry stakeholders to strengthen the biosecurity of Tasmania's fruit industry and berry industries.

  • Berry industry development

    Berry industry development

    Supporting our delivery of the national MT18020 Berries Australia project.

  • Labour


    Tasmania's fruit producers rely on seasonal workers for seasonal tasks including picking, sorting, packing and pruning.

  • Fruit production support services

    Fruit production support services

    Services we offer to support industry.