Coir Substrate Recycling Stage 1


Stage one of this project focused on defining the characteristics of alternate substrates, including pathogen load and physical characteristics, and whether it is feasible to use these materials in commercial hydroponic production.

Research in this stage of the project focused on reviewing the available literature, an economic analysis of coir substrate (re)use, and completion of an environmental scan of locally available materials local biproducts and sterilisation options for preparing suitable blended substrates for coir use. This work was conducted by Research Partner RMCG, with input from commercial partners.

Findings from this stage were used to inform the selection of suitable substrate materials for stage two of this project, which undertook chemical and physical testing of substrate materials, plant management and performance trials, and pathogen identification within reused coir substrate. 

Research findings

Project findings from Stage 1 are available within the following documents 


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This project has been supported by the Tasmanian Government through the Agricultural Development Fund.