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About the Seasonal Worker Transport Pilot

Want to do summer harvest work but lack the means to get there? We can help.

A lack of reliable transport access has been identified as one of the main reasons which prevents Tasmanians from applying for seasonal work opportunities. Most producers are located outside of Tasmania's main country towns, away from regular public transport routes, and most seasonal job roles require workers to be at the jobsite early in the morning before early bus services arrive. For these reasons, many Tasmanians find existing public transport services do not allow them to take up seasonal work opportunities.

Complex problems require flexible solutions

Fruit Growers Tasmania and key community stakeholders are trialling a flexible transport program aimed at helping people interested in doing harvest work to get to and from their worksite.

Supported by the Tasmanian Government through the Agricultural Workforce Resilience Package, the program will run daily transport services between nearby towns and cities and participating businesses in regional Tasmania. Vehicles will also pick up passengers along the way, getting workers to their workplace in time to start their shift, and to bring them back at the end of each workday.

Make it work for you

If getting to and from the workplace is an issue for you, why not talk to your employer today about accessing the Seasonal Worker Transport Pilot? Services are flexible and you only pay for the services you agree to use.

Best of all, transport costs will be shared between you, your employer and the Tasmanian Government.

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