Wild Tree Updated

Tasmanian wild fruit tree survey

Tasmania has become home to an unknown number of wild and abandoned fruit trees that do not appear on any record or map. Many of these wild trees started in abandoned gardens or orchards, whilst others have sprung up naturally from seeds spread by people, birds and other wildlife. 

Wild and unmanaged fruit trees can act as refuges for new pests and diseases entering the state, making it more difficult for these pests and diseases to be found, cleaned up and eradicated.

Unmanaged trees can be home to existing pests and diseases, spreading these problems to nearby gardens, communities and also commercial production areas.

How you can help

Fruit Growers Tasmania is seeking help from growers and the Tasmanian community to help protect our state by developing a map of abandoned orchards and self-sown fruit trees. Once developed, the map will be used to assist with Biosecurity planning and incursion response activities. 

Through to the end of April, Tasmanians are being asked to report the location of any abandoned orchards and self-sown fruit trees you find in your areas or travels. 

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