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Sterile Codling Moth webinar

When: 3.00pm–4.30pm Monday, 17 June 2024

Where: Online or from Fruit Growers Tasmania Office

Fruit growers are invited to take part in a short national workshop about Sterilie Insect Technology (SIT), a new chemical free tool for reducing pest pressure populations.

Held on Monday 17 June, the workshop will discuss SIT, its applications, and recent findings from a national pilot run by Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture which trialled the use of SIT over two harvest seasons for control of codling moth in a number of Tasmanian apple orchards.

Growers can join the workshop and ask questions by attending the workshop in person at Fruit Growers Tasmania's offices in Hobart, or by tuning in online.  

In this workshop growers will hear from Project lead, Dr Sally Bound and Senior Entomologist with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania, Dr Guy Westmore.  

  • How are sterile codling moths produced and released?
  • Commercial sterile codling moth programs in Canada & New Zealand
  • Pilot sterile codling moth program in Tasmania - how well did it work?
  • Potential for commercial use of sterile codling moths in Australian Apples & Pears

Join the workshop to hear about the pilot program in Tasmania and ask questions from the research team.

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