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Transport access has been identified as a potential constraint limiting the number of people taking up seasonal harvest work opportunities in Tasmania. Seasonal workers are frequently expected to organise their own personal travel to and from the workplace. This is not possible for all seasonal harvest workers.

The Tasmanian Government’s support of transport services through this pilot program aims to provide transport options for members of the Tasmanian community, international students, interstate workers and working holiday makers to assist them in taking up seasonal harvest jobs. Seasonal harvest workers operating in Tasmania under the Pacific Australian Labour Mobility Scheme (PALM) can also look to make use of services organised through this program, but are not eligible for the Tasmanian Government's subsidy and must do so under a full cost recovery model.

Option 1: Grower managed transport program

This program provides financial support for businesses to develop and run transport services for their seasonal workforce. 

Businesses using this program are provided support to build the transport service around the specific needs of their business. This includes control over:

  • worker arrival times, departure times and travel routes
  • which days the service does and doesn't operate
  • the size and type of vehicle used.
  • who will be driving the vehicle

Support is also provided for fuel and cleaning supplies to keep the service running in a COVID safe manner.

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Option 2: Shared transport services

Not all employers may feel they are large enough to require a bus for themselves, and may look to share a service with other nearby growers. To support these employers, FGT will look to coordinate a shared transport service that supports multiple employers.

Businesses looking to explore the feasibility of a shared service should contact FGT. FGT will conduct a short feasibility study to determine if a shared route is feasible. The results of this study will be taken back to potential participants to finalise requirements and see if the group want to proceed. If businesses wish to proceed, FGT will contract and coordinate transport services for the participating employers.

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Subsidies and cost sharing arrangements:

Funds provided by the Tasmanian Government will subsidise costs of shared transport services by up to a third of total costs (33%).  

At their discretion, employers using the subsidised service can request employees benefiting from the transport to contribute to its cost. However, it is a condition of use of this service that employers themselves contribute no less than a third towards the cost of travel services provided to their sponsored employees. 


Frequently Asked Questions about the Seasonal Worker Transport Program

The aim of the following information is to help you decide if the Seasonal Worker Transport Pilot is right for your business.