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Tasmanian Horticulture Trade Hub

FGT are working with government and industry stakeholders to promote development of Tasmania's horticultural exports and domestic trade. Supported by the Tasmanian Department of State Growth and the Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, the horticultural export hub seeks to support aspiring and existing fruit, nut and vegetable producers to explore export opportunities, develop export trade connections and make their business ‘trade-ready’.

Project strategic priorities

As part of this project, FGT will be running a series of activities to help growers develop export skills, navigate government requirements, explore key markets of interest and develop market linkages. These activities will focus on 3 key areas to improve assist with Tasmanian horticultural export development. These are:

Exporter readiness

Activities in this area aim to help new growers develop the knowledge and skills needed to manage agrifood export risks, and to help existing growers improve their skills. These activities aim to help new and existing exporters understand and navigate government requirements including export accreditations, freight requirements, export permits, product inspections, mandatory phytosanitary treatments, QA requirements. Activities include workshops, webinar sessions, field days and development of online support materials. 

Unlocking value and sales workshop series

Market awareness

These activities provide growers and exports with information on commodity and market trends to identify trends and opportunities. Activities in this area include information on global and national trade movements, consumer information trends, and in-season market updates to growers.

Trade Market Updates

Market linkages

These activities help growers develop contacts and linkages with buyers and importers in priority markets. Activities include showcasing Tasmanian horticulture producers and products, in-market promotional campaigns, digital trade shows as well as facilitation export enquiries from prospective buyers. 

FGT is currently running a digital marketing campaign for cherries in Taiwan.  The campaign will promote the purchasing of cherries for gifts as part of the Lunar New Year celebrations in 2022.  These are the English versions of the videos. 

 From our Island to yours  

Did someone say Tasmanian cherries?

 Everyone loves Tasmanian cherries
Supporting trade

In addition to the activities outlined above, FGT staff liaise with Dept. Agriculture representatives to resolve grower issues to keep product moving into market.


Project activities

Details on upcoming events are listed in our events section and advertised in our fortnightly industry newsletter, Fruit eNews.

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