Close-up of blueberries from Tru Blu Berries

Tasmanian Blueberries

It’s the little things that matter the most…

Renowned for their delicious flavour, Tasmanian blueberries are plump, juicy and sweet!

Tasmanians are encouraged to eat blueberries as part of their family celebrations over the summer holidays or as a snack food for lunches going into the new school term.

If you purchase Tasmanian grown blueberries, you know you are buying the very freshest berries virtually straight from the farm. At this time of year, the fruit is at its best; it is wonderfully healthy and an easy snack to take anywhere. A small, simple pleasure.

The waxy bloom on the skin of a blueberry is a sign of freshness; it protects against insects and bacteria and seals in all that juiciness!

Collectively, Hill Street Grocer and the IGA Supermarkets have over 80 stores across the state, and you can buy Tasmanian grown blueberries at any of their stores. If you are unsure, ask the storekeeper or check the label to find Tasmanian grown.

You can also read stories about some of our amazing Tasmanian blueberry growers on the Tasmanian Grown website and on the Tasmanian Grown Facebook page.

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