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Agriskills Entry Program to help address key skills needs

Fruit Growers Tasmania | Thursday, 30 July 2020, 9.00am

Workers and employers in Tasmania's horticulture industries will soon be able to take advantage of a skills training program to attract and develop staff.

Developed by FGT and TasTAFE as the entry level training , the program offers skills training for new and existing employees, as well as a pathway into employment for Tasmanian residents seeking ongoing employment within the agriculture sector. 

After working cooperatively with TasTAFE for a number of months, TasTAFE have agreed to bring 10 units together in a single discounted Agriskills Entry Program.  This program will provide the entry level skills growers have called for over a number of years and enable their current and prospective employees to be ‘job ready’!

With the imminent availability of this program, FGT is looking for early feedback from growers about the number of people they wish to attend the program/individual skills sets, as well as preferred location and month.

The 10 units will be organised in 3 skills sets as follows.

Skills Set 1

  • Provide First Aid    
  • Shift materials safely using manual handling methods  
  • Operate quad bikes  
  • Operate side by side utility vehicles  
  • Operate and maintain chainsaws  

Skills Set 2

  • Licence to operate a forklift truck  (need to be 18 yo)
  • Operate tractors  
  • Conduct front-end loader operations  

Skills Set 3

  • Transport and store chemicals  
  • Prepare and apply chemicals to control pests, weeds and disease

Each of these skills sets, and the program overall will gain students a Statement of Attainment and credit toward a Certificate 2 or 3.

TasTAFE will also provide a non-accredited industry induction session covering basic awareness of biosecurity and work, health and safety. 

The cost of the overall program is discounted to $1,200 ($500, $500, $200 for each skills set respectively), and $831 ($370, $370 and $91) on concession, compared to the current price of $2,800.

TasTAFE has also agreed to provide Skills Set 3 first recognizing that growers have immediate needs for safe chemical spraying.  In general, TasTAFE has a clear preference to deliver Skills Set 1 first.

Enrolments in the program will support its continuation.

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