Priscilla, working holiday maker and queen of the strawberries


Tasmania's fruit producers rely on a seasonal workers to help staff carrying out seasonal tasks including picking, sorting, packing and pruning. The number of roles available varies seasonally, growing from 300 roles in winter months to almost 8000 in January.

COVID-19 has caused disruption to the entry and movement of Australia's seasonal agricultural workforce. This project seeks to help Tasmanian fruit growers to build resilience, grow the available workforce monitor industry recovery. This includes:

  • increase community awareness of the opportunities available in Tasmania's fruit industries 
  • working with businesses to understand and adjust to changing COVID-19 regulations
  • working with industry stakeholders and government to support the safe movement of essential workers to Tasmania
  • attracting and recruit new workers to the industry
  • helping businesses to get look after and get the most out of available workers
  • monitoring and inform businesses on the changing nature of seasonal labour situation