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Fruit Sample Collection Guidelines

Fruit sample collection guidelines:

Prior to collecting fruit samples, please send a completed Fruit Sample Testing Request Form to

Sample collection

It is important to sample as randomly as possible, however some production areas will make this difficult. The below steps should be followed as much as practicable, ensuring that the correct amount of fruit is collected in accordance with your testing requirements – see Fruit Sample Testing Request Form.

  1. Before opening the sample bag and collecting fruit, put on disposable gloves.
  2. Collect fruit sample following the following principles, ensuring that:
    • Visit at least 5-10 different plants (depending on crop type, you may need to increase this number)
    • Select plants that are located in different rows and positioned both along end/edges and centrally (do not just visit plants that are located closest to access points).
    • Once you have selected a plant, methodically pick fruit from the bottom, middle and top of the plant (be sure to reach within the canopy and not just select easy to reach fruit).
  3. Once you have collected the sample, seal the sample bag. You can now remove gloves.
Delivering sample to FGT
  • Label the bag with the business name.
  • Store in refrigerated conditions until delivery.
  • Deliver to FGT office Monday – Thursday between 8am and 3pm.
Send directly to laboratory

If the sample is being sent directly to Agrifood, FGT will provide you with three documents:

  1. Sample label
  2. Chain of Custody report
  3. Team Global Express shipping label

Follow the following to ensure that the sample is sent correctly:

  1. Attach sample label to sample bag.
    • If sending multiple, ensure correct label is attached to correct sample.
  2. Place labelled sample bag in a box.
    • If requesting microbiological test, include ice packs to ensure sample remains cool.
  3. Place Chain of Custody report into box.
  4. Add lid and ensure box is securely taped.
  5. Attached Team Global Express shipping label.

If you have any questions, contact Shanelle Percy 0437 628 648 or