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Fair Work resources for employers and employees

Harvest Trail

  • View the simple tips for backpackers and seasonal workers to help them understand their workplace rights and obligations while working on the harvest trail;
  • Check out information about your labour hire – what growers need to know;
  • Download information for fruit and vegetable pickers in your language;
  • Download the self-audit checklist for employers;
  • Link to piece work and commission payments page;
  • Download the piecework agreement template; and
  • Find links for other useful templates for employing, paying and managing staff.

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Small Business Showcase

  • Download valuable resources to help you find your way in the workplace

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My Account

Register for My Account and save searches and information accessed by you from the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website for future access. You can also utilise My Account to:

  • Use webchat to ask a quick question or find out what to do next
  • Submit an enquiry to ask for help with complex questions or resolving workplace issues
  • Save results from the Pay, Shift, Leave and Notice and Redundancy Calculators and
  • Save your favourite pages including award summaries from Find my Award.

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Pay Calculator

The Pay Calculator calculates base pay rates, allowances and penalty rates (including overtime). Also includes videos on how to use the tool.

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Online Training

Visit the Fair Work Ombudsman’s free interactive learning centre to view the following courses for employees and employers:


  • Difficult conversations
  • Starting a new job


  • Record keeping and pay slips
  • Difficult conversations
  • Hiring employees
  • Managing performance
  • Managing employees
  • Diversity and discrimination
  • Workplace flexibility

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Contracting labour and supply chains

Businesses sometimes contract out work (eg. labour or services) to help lower operational costs, focus on core services and access specialised knowledge or skills. If the work then is contracted to another business, this can create a contracting network or supply chain.

It makes business sense to monitor and manage your supply chain. Businesses can take practical steps to minimise their legal or reputational risks. Download the following resources from the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website to help you monitor and manage your contract arrangements:

  • Guide to labour contracting (DOCX 153.1KB / PDF 1.3MB) – for help on how to select a potential contractor and identify if they are complying with workplace laws
  • Guide to contracting labour for small business (DOCX 86KB / PDF 1.2MB) – checks for small business owners to minimise risk of hiring a non-compliant contractor
  • Guide to monitoring your labour contracting (DOCX 1.8MB / PDF 1.5MB) – for assistance on mapping existing contractors and subcontractors, examining compliance and addressing any problems
  • Guide to monitoring your labour contracting (DOCX 1.8MB / PDF 1.5MB) – for information on how to conduct a general self-audit of your business to ensure you’re complying with workplace laws.

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Record keeping

In any business, large or small, record-keeping is vital to success. Record-keeping and pay slip obligations ensure employees receive correct wages and entitlements. The Fair Work Ombudsman has information and templates to assist you to comply with record-keeping legal requirements.

Check out the pay slips page to learn what has to be included on pay slips and access a pay slip template.

Visit the record-keeping page to learn about record-keeping requirements and to download record keeping templates.

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Anonymous reporting

Most employers and employees try to follow workplace laws. But honest mistakes are made. Occasionally businesses or employers deliberately break the law to try and get a competitive advantage. This is unfair to:

  • employees who are underpaid or disadvantaged; and
  • employers who are following the law and trying to compete with businesses who are underpaying their staff.

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Do you know of someone who is not getting a fair go? Or have you heard of a business or organisation that isn’t playing by the rules? You can share this information anonymously with the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Language help

Access resources in 30 languages including a guide for employers hiring new employees and the Fair Work Information Statement.

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More information

These resources are supplied by the Fair Work Ombusdman.

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