Export Readiness

Activities in this area aim to help new growers develop the knowledge and skills needed to manage agrifood export risks, and to help existing growers improve their skills. These activities aim to help new and existing exporters understand and navigate government requirements including export accreditations, freight requirements, export permits, product inspections, mandatory phytosanitary treatments, QA requirements. Activities include workshops, webinar sessions, field days and development of online support materials. 

Expert advise on improving returns for growers

A range of industry experts provide their insights into extracting more value and generating sales for fresh produce aimed at supporting growers.  These videos and associated materials were developed with the assistance of Story and Brand. 

The topics covered include:

  • Knowing the markets - domestic and export
    Managing product quality
    Understanding your customers/consumers
    Telling your story in a way that builds value 
    Pitching your message to customers
    Your Marketing

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Protocol Market Accreditation Applications - Closed for 2023-24

To find out more about the application for accreditation for protocol markets:
Application for accreditation for protocol markets - Cherries
Application for accreditation for protocol markets - Apples and Pears  Application for accreditation for protocol markets - Summerfruit

Crop monitor training - Closed for 2023-24

View the Industry Advice Notice advising of changes for accessing crop monitor training modules for protocol markets, as well as updates to training content.