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COVID-19 resources for businesses

The following resources will be useful for fruit growers.

All businesses operating in Tasmania are legally required to have the following business continuity plans.

  • COVID-19 Safety Plan
  • COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan

Previously WorkSafe Tasmania visited over 5000 businesses across the State for the purpose of assessing compliance in managing the risk of COVID within the workplace. Expect a potential visit from the WorkSafe Tasmania COVID Unit.

FGT has developed a template that will be useful in creating or updating your business continuity plans:  

It is based on a WorkSafe Tasmania 'Small Business' template and has been re-formatted for easier printing once populated.  Example notes were added based on workshops held recently in conjunction with Safe Farming Tasmania.  Please ensure you develop a plan for your own business.

Priority Settings

Some settings need more planning than others.  The following settings have been identified as ‘priority settings’ for the purposes of COVID-19 outbreak management planning:

  • Food distribution and / or warehouse facilities with cold and / or frozen storage and those with more than 50 site workers.
  • Agricultural farms with seasonal workers from interstate / overseas.

If you are responsible for a COVID-19 priority setting (places where COVID-19 may spread quickly or management of outbreaks may be complex) it is vital that you develop an enhanced outbreak management plan for your setting, building on the information in your Worksafe COVID-19 Safety Plan.  A single case in a COVID-19 priority setting is likely to be considered an outbreak.

Use this example to help prepare your business:

The Department of Health provides the following additional guidance for businesses categorised as priority settings.

The following exposure risk matrices may be useful in determining how measures implemented in your COVID-19 Safety Plan could influence business continuity during an exposure event.

For the most up-to-date COVID-19 guidance and information visit the Tasmanian Government COVID-19 website.