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Winter Conference 2019 will showcase invited speakers from across Australia and the world. These include:

Tae Ocean & Oliver Gales

Fruit Growers Tasmania | Monday, 27 May 2019, 4.25pm

Tae Ocean and Oliver Gales are two of the awesome honours research students studying at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture. Working with leading Tasmanian growers, Tae and Oli are exploring ways to improve the profitability of Tasmania’s cherry and berry industries.

Tae has spent the recent summers working with harvesting teams at Hansen Orchards as part of their cherry harvest. Working in the orchard, Tae found out how little scientific information was available about rain cover use and its effects upon fruit quality, and sought to find some answers.

Tae is now working with the team at Hansen Orchards to find out how rain covers affect fruit quality, size, firmness and quality. As part of his work, Tae is logging changes in growing area microclimate caused by rain cover use, as well as the effects this has upon cherry size, firmness, and quality. Through this work, Tae hopes to provide practical answers to growers about rain covers, heat stress and fruit firmness in Tasmania.

Oli developed a keen interest in berry production and harvesting methods whilst working with a harvesting team at working at Lanoma Estate. Now, Oli is working with Richard and Rob Clark of Lanoma Estate to improve different aspects of commercial raspberry production.

Oli’s research is looking at ways to improve raspberry shelf life and reduce raspberry harvesting costs. This involves improving raspberry storage & shelf life, developing NIR methods for quantifying sugars and anthocyanins, and screening different varieties for their suitability for mechanical harvesting.

On top of these excellent research projects, Tae and Oli are juggling classes in entomology and farm business management. Frankly, we don’t know when these two guys find time to sleep!

Come and meet Tae, Oli and some of the aspiring researchers from the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture at Fruit Growers Tasmania's Winter Conference in Hobart on 6-7 June.

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