Auditorium chairs

Conference speakers

Winter Conference 2019 will showcase invited speakers from across Australia and the world. These include:

Angus Hogan

Fruit Growers Tasmania | Tuesday, 4 June 2019, 6.05pm

Angus Hogan, engineer and project lead investigator at SwarmFarm Robotics.

SwarmFarm Robotics are working with growers, researchers and engineers to develop technological solutions for apple growers to improve flower and crop load management. Funded by Hort Innovation Australia, this exciting project aims to tack the dual challenges of mapping orchard flower density, and developing precision machinery to reduce flower density.

Coming from a Merino wool and lamb and irrigated cropping farm in NSW, Angus combined his knowledge and passion for robotics with the Sheep CRC as part of their AskBill platform.

Building on these skills and knowledge, Angus until he was overseeing Fuse's product development from initial concept to commercial release. Showing that there is never really have too much knowledge, Angus is also currently studying a Graduate Certificate of Precision Agriculture through UNE to accompany his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from UNSW.


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