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2022 Conference Program Day 2

Fruit Growers Tasmania would like to thank the following conference sponsors for their support. Through sponsoring these activities, these industry suppliers and partners provide additional support to Fruit Growers Tasmania and the fruit industry here in Tasmania to help businesses connect and share the latest research, development and technology. 

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Conference Sessions, Friday, 27 May

Registrations Open

  •   8:15am    Registration desk opens
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Official opening

  •   9:00am    MC's welcome           Peter Cornish, CEO, Fruit Growers Tasmania
  •   9:05am    Opening address      Alastair Clarkson
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Session 1: Trade     

  •    9:20am   Sponsor Address      VISY   
  •    9:25am   Brei Montgomery     International trade for horticulture
  •    9:45am   Wayne Prowse          Economic drivers & barriers to export
  •  10:05am   Louise Beard             Regional branding for Tasmanian horticulture
  •  10:25am   Ben Reilly                   Local retailer adoption of irradiated produce 

VISY Morning Tea Break

  •  10:40am   Morning Tea
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Session 2: Crop Production - Berries

  •   11:25am   Sponsor Address          Nutrien Ag Solutions   
  •   11:30am   Stephen Quarrell          Honeybee foraging behaviour in raspberries
  •   11:50am   Raylea Rowbottom       Managing fly species for crop pollination
  •   12:10pm   Sarah McKay                 Optimising blueberry postharvest shelf life & quality
  •   12:25pm  Will Roberts                   Malling Fruits breeding program
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Session 2: Crop Production - Tree Fruit

  •   11:25am   Sponsor Address          Nutrien Ag Solutions   
  •   11:30am  Cameron Stone              Protected cropping systems in cherry
  •   11:50am  Tas Institute of Ag         Cherry mechanical pollination
  •   12:10pm  Tas Institute of Ag         Apple orchard soil health & nutrition
  •  12:30pm  Tom Frankcomb             Discussion & taste of new apple varieties 
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Lunch Break

  •  12:45am   Lunch                    
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Session 3: New Technology     

  •    2:15pm    Sponsor Address   UPL   
  •    2:20pm    Nic Hansen             Using digital tools for managing harvest labour
  •    2:35pm    Gavin Ger                Digital product traceability 
  •    2:50pm    Leopold Lucas        Progress in robotic harvesting for apples & citrus
  •    3:10pm     Rene Kerhuis          International overview of autonomous vehicles
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Sumitomo Afternoon Tea Break

  •    3:40pm   Afternoon Tea
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Session 4: Grower Discussion Forum     

  • 4:20pm  Panel discussion
    • Panelists TBC
  • 5:00pm     Peter Cornish         MC Closing remarks
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E.E. Muir & Sons Industry Gala Dinner

  •  7:00pm   Industry Gala Dinner
  •  11:30pm   Dinner Concludes 

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