Coir Substrate Recycling Stage 2


Stage two of this project will involve small-scale trials with spent coir and the alternative substrates identified in stage one, to formulate a mixed substrate that produces yields comparable to the current practice (i.e., new coir).

This is a crucial stage in the progression of the project as it will determine whether a mixed substrate is economically feasible in commercial horticultural production. It is anticipated that there will be several small-scale trials during this phase to test a range substrate mixes, with spent coir will be sourced from industry partners, sterilised and mixed with alternative substrates, and then trialed in small-scale trials (0.5ha per farm).

At the conclusion of this stage, the most efficient substrate mix will be documented, and a comparative emissions assessment will be carried for each substrate mix.



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This project has been supported by the Tasmanian Government through the Agricultural Development Fund.