Board Election Procedures

About the FGT Board of Management

FGT is governed by a board of management consisting of growers from across Tasmania's fruit industries. These are elected directly by FGT's financial grower members during the association's annual general meeting process. The composition of the board is:

  • four (4) stonefruit grower representatives
  • four (4) pomefruit grower representatives
  • two (2) berry grower representatives
  • up to two (2) additional persons appointed by the Board.

Once elected, each board member serve for a term of two years, and there is no limit to the number of terms that an individual may serve as member of the FGT board. 


2021 Board Nominations

Nominations are now open to fill the upcoming vacancies on the FGT Board: 

  • Pomefruit Industry Representative   (3 positions available)
  • Stonefruit Industry Representative   (1 position available)
  • Berry Industry Representative          (2 positions available)

To be eligible to join the FGT Board, candidates must complete and submit a valid candidate nomination form by 19 August 2021

This nomination must be nominated and seconded by two persons representing grower members of FGT. These persons must represent two different member businesses, one of which may include the candidate.

Candidate nomination form


Board Elections

If the number of nominations for any board position exceeds the number of available positions, members will be asked to take part in a ballot process.  

In the event that a ballot is needed, members will only be issued ballot papers for each industry sector of which they are a registered member. Separate ballot papers will be issued as required for each of the following positions:

  • Pomefruit industry representatives
  • Stonefruit industry representatives
  • Berry industry representative

Members will be able to cast their vote in-person at the FGT Office, or by postal ballot.

Voting eligibility

FGT’s governing documents restrict which members are able to elect board representatives for different industries.

  • Only FGT pomefruit members are entitled to vote for pomefruit industry representatives on the FGT board.
  • Only FGT stonefruit members are entitled to vote for stonefruit industry representatives on the FGT board.
  • Only FGT berry members are entitled to vote for berry industry representative on the FGT board.

FGT members can register their business as members of more than one sector if they produce fruit across different industry sectors. FGT members looking to be listed as members of multiple industry sectors are required to identify which of these sectors they wish to be registered as members of. A member is entitled to vote in all categories for which they are registered.

Uncontested Elections

Uncontested nominees will be taken to be elected.