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Bushfire safety information for itinerant workers

Bushfires may occur at any time over the summer period in Tasmania. FGT and the Tasmania Fire Service are forwarding this information to ensure all members of our industry are able to access information and alerts about bushfires.

We are asking all growers to assist in spreading this message to fruit picking staff and other itinerant workers during inductions. Seasonal and working holiday makers frequently reside in remote areas and may not know where to find information updates on the bushfire situation. This can potentially make them vulnerable within a bushfire zone.

We also ask that all growers, orchard and packhouse staff remain vigilant and continue to regularly monitor bushfire updates. The following information is provided to help working holiday makers and other seasonal workers in Tasmania during the summer period. 

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Emergency evacuation centres

Fruit Growers Tasmania | Tuesday, 31 December 2019, 12.50pm

The Tasmanian government may establish local evacuation centres during bushfire events. Evacuation centres will not be used in all bushfires, and there will not be one in every local area.

The Tasmania Fire Service and FGT ask that any itinerant workers residing or camping in areas near active bushfires to notify their employer and relocate out of the area as soon as possible.

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Radio updates

Fruit Growers Tasmania | Tuesday, 31 December 2019, 12.45pm

Regular updates on the fire situation are broadcast on ABC Radio. In Tasmania, the two ABC radio stations are ABC Radio Hobart (936 kHz) on the AM frequency band, and ABC Northern Tasmania (91.7 MHz) on the FM frequency band. It is also streamed digitally from their website, or through the ABC listen app.

Commercial radio stations will also provide periodic updates throughout the day. These include: